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rear view mirror hanger tags

We Have the Perfect Rear View Mirror Hanger for your Organization!

Our custom-printed rear-view mirror hang tags offer a time-tested and convenient solution for parking management, residential complexes, gated communities, and carpools, as well as access passes for events.

18 / Jul 2023

Reference Articles

Add Braille To Your Gift Cards

How gift cards fits in with potential changes to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

15 / Feb 2020

Gift Card Laws: State-by-State

A link to a resource listing gift card laws, referenced state-by-state.

12 / Dec 2019

Ordering Embossing?

Embossing is a great choice when you want to give your card some authority. There are some parameters that need to be followed, and we outline them here.

09 / Sep 2019

Plastic Card Material Choices

A rundown of popular card stock choices, including paper and eco-friendly, with a little information about them.

09 / Sep 2019

Suggested Gift Card Disclaimers

Examples of disclaimers that businesses print on the back of their gift cards. For informational purposes only.

09 / Sep 2019

A Guide to Magnetic Stripes

Let magnetic stripes be a mystery no more! Another helpful guide by CardPrinting.com, this one about magnetic stripes and how they work.

09 / Sep 2019

Common Barcode Types

Type 39. UPC-A. QR Codes. It is enough to make one's head swim! You're not alone. Here's an easy-to-follow list of common barcode types.

09 / Sep 2019

Getting Started ... Placing An Order

Placing an order for card printing can sometimes be intimidating, especially when you don't know the jargon and procedures for it. A helpful article outlining what information you should gather before placing an order.

09 / Sep 2019

Guide to Plastic Card Printing

A helpful guide that takes the reader through the various steps of creating artwork for plastic cards. PDF Document.

09 / Sep 2019

Product Articles

Add RFID to your PVC Key Tags!

A key tag that is the perfect size, with or without RFID. Perfect for service access such as EV charging stations or micro markets.

16 / Mar 2021

This Small Business Mistake is So Easy to Fix!

Avoid the pitfalls so many small business owners make with one easy fix.

07 / Nov 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Custom ID Badges

Read how custom ID badges by CardPrinting.com can fit into your company's security plan.

07 / Oct 2019

Wrap A Gift Card

Well, not really. Present your custom gift card the best way imaginable with a custom-printed card holder!

09 / Sep 2019

3 Reasons Why Customers Love Plastic Postcards

Most promotional mailers get lost in the shuffle, but plastic postcards are a unique way to get noticed. If you need a reason to try plastic postcards by CardPrinting.com, then read this article, and we'll give you three of them!

09 / Sep 2019

PatronPal Gift Card Software

An inexpensive solution that enables any business to implement easy and cost-effective gift card and loyalty card programs. A "no transaction cost" system, it operates on standard Windows-based point-of-sale equipment.

09 / Sep 2019

Industry Articles

Plastic Key Tags: An Effective Marketing Tool for Businesses

Seven benefits of plastic key tags as a marketing tool

10 / Mar 2023

How Does Your Garden [Center] Grow?

Tap the full potential of your current customer base by starting a customer rewards/loyalty program. Especially good for off-season activities, the reasons outlined are solid for any business, any time.

09 / Sep 2019

Increase Your Revenue Dollars with Gift Cards

A cool infographic that outlines the advantages one might experience when they sell gift cards to their customers.

09 / Sep 2019

General Topics Articles

Guide To Professional Typography: An Infographic

Go beyond Arial and New Times Roman! Apply some of these guiding typography principles when designing your gift cards.

09 / Sep 2019

Business Card Design Psychology: An Infographic

A fun infographic outlining some card design principles.

09 / Sep 2019

RGB vs. CMYK: An Infographic

Lots of people don't understand color and how it is created in print or on the screen. This is an easy-to-follow infographic about that.

09 / Sep 2019

How Your Gift Cards “Work”

One step in avoiding the "our cards don't work" issue, is to understand how they are meant to work. Here's an informative article.

09 / Sep 2019

Five Ways To Market Your Gift Card

We cut right to the chase here. Five ways to market your gift card, which is also marketing your business.

09 / Sep 2019