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Custom Gift Card Holders

Holders for Your Gift Cards ... or ... Gift Card Holder Cards!

Burn your brand identity into your customer’s minds by slipping your custom printed gift cards into a card holder that is printed with your branding. When your customer purchases one of your gift cards, distribute these card holders with them, putting your brand front and center. It’s a good idea to not only include the standard “To, From” blank lines on your gift card holder but also include company location information or maps or other information that may not have fit on the back of the gift cards.

Not Just For Gift Cards. The card holders are custom printed, so why not use them to present membership cards or rewards cards to your customer members? This is one way to get your new business relationship off to a great start with a great first impression. You can include the member benefits, or where people can find them on the internet. Include information about other locations. Perhaps you team up with other businesses to support each other. What you can print on these card holders and how you use them to support your business is pretty much endless.

EXPLORE Our Special Features

EXPLORE Our Special Features

Take your cards to the next level with our exclusive and innovative features.

  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Metallic Inks
  • Custom Die lines
  • Fluorescent Ink