Plastic Key Tags

Having a strong brand identity that leaves a lasting impact to customers is vital to the overall success of your business operations. Plastic key tags are among the most valuable tools in marketing your brand. Key tags have been a popular choice for many flourishing businesses for many reasons but primarily for the many ways they can be used for your business. They can be turned into mini-rewards card or loyalty cards, even VIP cards.

The bottom line is that they put your branding in your customers’ hands. Often key tags for your business may have a bar code or some type of printed numbering to identify the customer so the tag can function or interact with the point of sale equipment. Some key tags can also have an encoded magnetic stripe.

Plastic key tags are made from durable PVC or composite laminated materials. When you print key tags at, you will be presented with many choices as to the shape of the tag. We have many popular die lines to choose from. If you do not see a particular die shape that you are looking for, please ask, we may have it or a custom one can be made.

Let our knowledgeable and experienced staff with the “Can Do” attitude help you with your custom plastic key tag order. Chat with us or call us today.

EXPLORE Our Special Features

EXPLORE Our Special Features

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