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Custom Gift Cards

PatronPal is an inexpensive solution that enables any business to implement easy and cost-effective gift card and loyalty card programs. Operating on standard Windows-based point-of-sale equipment, PatronPal offers a “no transaction cost” system.

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  • No special equipment. PatronPal operates with Windows-based PCs, standard bar code scanners or magnetic stripe readers, and receipt printers. You don’t have to reprogram your credit card machine or buy special equipment.
  • No transaction fees. Banks or other third-party processors may charge 25 to 30 cents per transaction, plus a monthly subscription fee. With PatronPal, there are no transaction fees.
  • No contracts. Banks and other third-party card processors may require a long-term contract to use their proprietary service. Even if you’re in a position to discontinue their service, it may not be possible if you have a large number of outstanding cards. With PatronPal, you’ve already paid for the software license and you own the data… you’re in charge.
  • Gift and loyalty cards. PatronPal lets you handle both gift cards and loyalty cards within a single application. You can even combine the two and even offer merchandise return cards on a single card and program.
  • Flexible reporting. PatronPal lets you select from pre-defined reports and create custom reports at any time. PatronPal report helps you identify customers and their buying/visitation habits for future marketing campaigns.

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Limited investment. With our simple and up-front prices, you will implement a gift/loyalty card program and control your costs.

Our Price $275.00 (MSRP $299.00)
Mini mag swipe reader $85.00
Additional Terminal software at same location: $60.00 each
Multi location: $250.00 per location. Customer will need to maintain their own mainframe.

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