Custom Gift Cards

Gift Cards For Your Business

It is pretty much a given in today’s marketplace that your business would benefit from selling custom gift cards for your products or services. Instead of relying on an old-fashioned method like paper gift certificates, creating gift cards allows a business to provide an essential and valued service to their customers. There are significant benefits for your business, too. Custom gift cards for your business help increase sales and grow your customer base. When your gift card is given to a new customer, they have received something even more valuable - a referral from one of your current customers.

Custom Gift Cards

Gift Cards For Your Business

Plastic gift cards can be a vital business tool. They are a popular product, providing a convenient way for customers to give gifts to friends and family without worrying about choosing the perfect item or guessing someone's size or preferences. Recipients usually spend more than the initial gift card value, which increases sales and revenue. Here's something even better: When someone receives a gift card from your business, they're not just getting a great gift, they're also getting a referral from a customer. There is nothing better than a customer standing behind your brand!

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Custom Gift Cards Increase Sales

When recipients come in to redeem their card, most spend beyond the loaded value. On average, 20% of the funds loaded to a card are not used. Both are positives to your bottom line.

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Increase Brand Recognition

There is nothing better to increase sales than word of mouth and referrals. You do that by making yourself known to your community and increase your brand recognition.

Barcode Gift Cards

Including a barcode on your gift card is part of a faster and more efficient checkout process, which improves the customer experience. It is also an identification feature that can help businesses track and manage the redemption of gift cards, keep track of the value of the cards in circulation and monitor their usage.

Not sure which Barcode you need?

If you are unsure which barcode you need for your scanner, download our Barcode Test Sheet and follow the instructions.

Which magnetic stripe do I choose?

We have a page that can help you with that. Check out our Guide to Magnetic Stripes

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Custom shapes, sizes &
thicknesses available

Custom shapes and sizes are possible. We also manufacture 40 mil, 50 mil and 60 mil thick cards. Please call us at 866-344-2300 for pricing or more information.

Need suggested gift card disclaimers?

We have some suggested gift card terms and conditions, collected from other customers. Click here for the suggested gift card disclaimers.

We print cards compatible for nearly all POS providers

We make sure our cards are compatible with your system by sending you test cards during the printing process.

Product Number:
Gift Card Size:
3.375” X 2.125”
Rounded corners:
0.125 radius
Full color printing on
one or both sides
Product Options:
  • Rush turnaround
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Press production proof
  • Activation label available
  • Call 866-344-2300
Custom Gift Cards Template: Download our templates below to ensure your artwork will print correctly. Don't have Adobe? Click here for helpful tips for other software capable of producing print-ready files.
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Adobe Acrobat File format: PDF
Download .pdf template
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Adobe Illustrator File format: AI
Download .ai template
Here is some helpful information when placing a gift card order that has a magnetic stripe or barcode: Get a head start on the process by knowing or obtaining your magnetic stripe information
from your POS provider.

You should ask your POS provider:
  • What track do I need to have the data encoded on?

    Tell them that you are looking into having your gift cards printed with a third party printer and that you need to know which track on the magnetic stripe needs to be encoded. The answer you are looking for is "Track 1", "Track 2", or "Both Tracks 1 and 2". On rare occasions, a POS provider requires a Track 3 encoding.

  • Does the data need to be in a certain format or can we use simple numbering?

    The POS software sometimes expects the data encoded on the magnetic stripe to meet certain requirments. Some POS companies require the data have a certain number of characters, or perhaps they must start or end with a certain sequence of characters. Many have no restrictions.

  • How do I load money (value) onto the gift card?

    Many people are under the assumption that the magnetic stripe on a gift card is the vehicle that holds the card's value. This is not the case. Most times, the information on a gift card's magnetic stripe is simply an account number. The card is swiped in a magnetic stripe reader, and the machine reads the card number (as opposed to it being manually typed in). Once it receives that account number on the card, the software will produce the account information on the computer's screen, including the card's value. Procedures for doing this varies between POS providers, but that is a simplistic explanation of what type of information is held within the mag stripe on a gift card.

  • What is the gift card size?

    The gift card size is 3.375 inches wide by 2.125 inches high.

  • Other questions you may have about our custom gift card printing:
  • Do you print cards that are compatible with my POS company?

    We print Gift Cards compatible with: Aldelo • Aloha • Amber Systems • Amigo • Benseron • Clover • Comcash • Digital Dining • Dinerware • Envision • Ez Dine • Firefly • Focus • Harms Millennium • Hot Sauce • Insight • Jonas • Lightspeed • M9 Creations • Mercury Payment Systems • Micros • Microsale • Microsoft Rms • Mindbody Online • Opticard • Paytronix • Pc America • Pixelpoint • Positouch • Radiant Counterpoint • Resale World • Restaurant Pro • Retail Pro • Revel • Revention • Salesvu • Salon Biz • Salon Iris • Selby Soft • Spabiz • Spa Booker • Vagaro • and many more. Check with one of our representatives if you do not see your point of sale company listed here.

  • More answers to your Frequently Asked Questions may be found on our FAQ page.
Frequently asked questions about custom gift cards:

Which Businesses Should Buy Custom Gift Cards?

Nearly every business type can benefit from buying gift cards for their business!:

  • Food Service: Restaurant gift cards, coffee shop gift cards, deli gift cards, bakery gift cards, grocery store gift cards & more!
  • Services: car wash gift cards, spa and salon gift cards, equipment rentals gift cards
  • Retail: Garden centers gift cards, department store gift cards, clothing store gift cards, liquor stores gift cards, book stores gift cards, online shopping gift cards

Gift Card Custom Design

Gift card design can be a little overwhelming. Bleed? What is bleed? Spot UV? What is THAT? Plastic gift cards for your business are important marketing tools. Perhaps you should consider hiring a designer to create your gift card design. has a team of designers ready to unleash their creativity to design the gift card for your business and make it into reality.

Custom Gift Card Trends

Yes, you can have a gift card designed for your business that is every bit as noticeable and attractive as popular national coffee chain brands! They take advantage of different premium gift card finishes and features to augment striking designs. You can too! Check out these trends in custom gift cards and plastic card printing:

  • Matte finish: Matte laminate on a plastic gift card dulls the shine, leaving a luxe smooth feel as well as a different visual effect. This is available on all materials.
  • Foil Stamping: Foil stamping is a way to attract attention, its shine is eye-catching and your custom printed gift card will leave an impression. Available only on PVC cards.
  • Clear gift cards: "Clearly" a winning choice for material, clear PVC offers unique and exciting design options for custom gift card printing.

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Add an extra Oomph to your cards with foil stamping, spot UV, special inks and more.

Add an extra Oomph to your cards!

with Foil stamping, Spot UV, Special inks & more...Chat with us to discuss your project >

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