This Small Business Mistake is So Easy to Fix!

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One of the biggest mistakes some small businesses can make is not having a custom gift card for their business.

Six out of ten people list gift cards as their top preference on their holiday wish lists this year, and also the past twelve years. Gift cards are not going away. If you own a small business, especially a casual dining restaurant, a coffee shop or a personal service business such as a salon or spa, you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this holiday shopping season and increase sales. These market segments are the most popular with the gift card giver as well as those receiving the gift cards. is here to make it easy to order gift cards for your business!

From a business owner’s standpoint, gift cards are a win-win situation. Consider these points:

  • Gift cards build loyalty. 56% of small business consumers said that they also tend to join any program that has loyalty cards or rewards cards. This expands your marketing base as well as increasing sales potential.
  • Increase sales. Customers spend as much as 17% beyond the initial value of the card as many as 85 times out of 100.
  • Increase your customer base. When your customers give a gift card for your business to their friends, it is almost like personal recommendation. So now, not only do you have your customer on the marketing lists, you have also their friend. And so, it grows.
  • Advertises your business. Gift cards extend the reach of your branding, and it is right in the customer’s hands. That’s exactly where you want to be.

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