Four Reasons Why Your Company Needs Custom ID Badges

office scene and sample ID badges


ID Badges may seem like an extra hassle or too much expense for some companies. There are, however, several important reasons why badges are essential to the security and success of any company. The following are just four reasons why your company needs ID badges.

Who Belongs? Who Does Not?

Every business needs to take security seriously, especially in this day and age. Everywhere people go, they are hyperaware of who is around them, who belongs, and who does not. One way to identify who belongs is a company photo ID badge. This is an easy way to differentiate between employees and visitors or customers.

Security personnel need a way to positively identify employees, especially those who are newly hired. Identification badges provide an excellent way to quickly and effectively identify exactly who each person is in a company. It’s a good idea to provide photo ID badges to identify individuals quickly and accurately.

Customer Confidence

Many businesses in a service industry have employees who have to travel to customer homes or businesses. Photo ID badges are essential to identify to your customer that the person visiting them is a legitimate employee of your company.

Custom printed ID badges will also promote professionalism for your business. A company and their employees are often taken more seriously when wearing professional badges. It’s important for the badges style, color, etc., to reflect the business they represent.


Employees tend to feel that their time is more accountable when wearing identification. They are more productive and their customer interactions are more favorable when employees know that they can be identified.

This is another reason why an identification badge with an updated photograph is so important. Employees will more likely feel as if they’re not only representing the company they work for, but are also representing themselves.

Control Access

Control the access to inventory areas, electronics areas and other sensitive areas in your facility. Many security systems interact with plastic ID badges through a swipe (magnetic stripe), tap (RFID chip card) and/or barcode scan. Add these features to your custom printed ID badges/access cards.

Your company will likely want to have different types of badges for employees in different departments. Something as simple as a different colored background can easily indicate what department employees are from or what level of authority they have. This will help improve security both internally as well externally.

No matter what type of business or organization you have, it’s critically important to quickly and easily identify employees as well as other individuals. Creating high-quality custom printed ID badges will go a long way to promoting a safe and successful business.

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