Five Ways To Market Your Gift Card

Add a display graphic on your web site.
Act on people’s impulse buying tendencies. Add a display graphic on your web site that promotes the fact that you sell gift cards for your business. If you have a shopping cart, add the gift card to your shopping cart.

Get creative with presentation.
Emphasize the “gift” in gift card by making it an exciting, alluring package. Eye-catching, customized designs can make your gift card attractive and desirable. Packaging is also key: presenting it as you would something priceless and luxurious will instantly make customers feel special. Design custom printed card gift card holders (also called presenters) or envelopes.

Team up with another business.
Doing this allows you to broaden your reach. Think of retailers that offer products or services that complement yours. By teaming up, you can double the amount of gift card sales between your two companies, reach more customers, and cut your marketing costs by sharing the financial burden with the other business.

Add a personal touch.
Order your cards with a matte writeable back so your customers can add a personal message to the card they’ve purchased from you.

Make it known!
Your gift cards will sell only if you let people know that you’re offering them. If you have a website or social media page, make sure to update your information to indicate gift card availability at your store. Facebook it, tweet it, make sure its on your web site!

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