Plastic Card Materials offers you a few stocks to from which to choose when considering your card printing, including some environmentally-friendly stock. Below are just some of the types of card stock, and their descriptions. Some choices will require a custom quote and/or higher minimum quantities. They are indicated with an asterisk.(*)

Composite Laminated
Our composite cards have a synthetic stock core, and is laminated on the front and the back to meet the required thickness. These cards are waterproof, lightweight and are a good alternative to PVC.

The industry standard stock for printing credit cards is PVC. This makes it a popular choice for other plastic printing, such as gift cards, key tags, card and key tag combos, business cards, event and ID badges and more. Order your custom gift cards at

Clear PVC
Clear, or transparent, PVC is a great stock for creative designs. A frosted look can be achieved by applying a fine matte laminate to the card. This stock is ideal for gift cards and business cards, and for anything else you’d print on plastic. Our clear PVC cards are of the highest quality and are printed under the laminate, so the printing will not scuff off.

We have two stock two different paper stocks. 12 point, which is the typical weight of a paper business card, and ideal for promotional cards that may contain variable data. We also carry a 24 pt thickness – almost as thick as a credit card – to which we can apply a functional magnetic stripe and personalize with variable data.

Black Core
New to our PVC line of card stock, now carries black PVC, which presents all sorts of exciting design possibilities, since the visible side edges are black.

ABS Recycled*
A recycled stock with a very high durability, ABS is a great choice for cards that need to endure high heat conditions (like hanging parking tags). ABS is also recyclable, making it a win-win in the eco-friendly card stock choices. This stock requires a custom quote.

PETG card stock is made from polyester. It is completely recyclable – and biodegradable. It is a strong consideration if wanting to choose a more environmentally-friendly card stock for your printing. This stock requires a custom quote.


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