Point of Sale
Activation Cards (POSA004)

POSA cards are advantageous for promotional programs with a variety of services and goods, most commonly in the sale of music, games, or other interactive services.

Point of Sale
Activation Cards (POSA004)

3.375" x 5.125"

One of the best ways for you to display and sell your gift cards and other soft products is through POSA cards. The acronym stands for point of sale activation, which means that they are only activated after paying for them at the register, whether it be your own or a distributor. The larger 3.375" x 5" size of these cards can allow you to display them in a more attractive way around your store's location.

Point of sale activation, hanging gift cards custom printed by CardPrinting.com
Third Party Printer.

CardPrinting.com is a third-party printer that prints plastic cards, gift cards and point-of-sale activation cards to your specifications, often much less expensively than what your point of sale provider will charge you.

Perhaps you would like to expand the way you sell your gift cards, services or software. You could choose to do that through a multichannel marketer, gift card mall or aggregator. We print top quality Point of Sale Activation cards, Gift Cards and other plastic or paper cards. Whatever the specifications required by your POS provider, we can integrate into your custom printed card, whether it be a magnetic stripe, bar code, PIN and scratch-off, even RFID chip technology.

Perhaps your graphic designer requires special features to "glam up" or give "wow factor" to the card design. We do that too! Contact us for a quote today.

Point of sale activation, hanging gift cards custom printed by CardPrinting.com
Custom shapes & sizes available

Custom shapes & sizes are available. Please call us at 866-344-2300 and we will be happy to give you more pricing and more information on any custom size card orders.

Not A Designer?

If you're not comfortable designing on your own, contact one of our representatives via the online chat or phone and ask them about our affordable custom design solutions. Whether you have a discount card, a loyalty card or a gift card for your customers, putting them in an attractive card presenter is the best way to give them to your customers.

Product Number:
Finished Size:
3.375” X 5.125”
Detachable Card Size:
3.375" x 2.125"
Full color printing on
one or both sides
Product Options:
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Press Production Proof (additional)
  • Alternative material possible
  • Call 866-344-2300
POSA004 Template: Download our template below to ensure your artwork will print correctly.
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Adobe Acrobat File format: PDF
Download .pdf template
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